Sandeep Bappoo

Sandeep teaches 11-18 year olds Science and Physics at Banff Academy, North East Scotland.
Sandeep has interests in Science, Electronics, Physical Computing and Technology.
Sandeep is involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award, helping to manage awards and also supervising and assessing expeditions.
He has previously spent many years mentoring with the MATERov competition and enjoys a game at the afterschool badminton club.
He does his best to get involved in all school events, fundraising initiatives and other activities.
Hillwalker, ocassional Munro bagger, flatbow archer and kayaker, music fan from Einaudi to Tidelines,
avid reader of fantasy and sci-fi and everything else.
Sandeep often gets asked why he is a teacher. He has a different answer every time, but his original answer?
"To encourage learning. I love learning and as a teacher you are learning about people, you are learning about teaching,
you are learning about the subjects you teach and others you don't, you learn from colleagues and others you meet
and as importantly, you learn from the young people and hopefully inspire them to learn and that is invaluable".
He firmly believes in lifelong learning and hopes he can foster this ideal in the young people he teaches.

About Sandeep's uncommon surname

The "Bappoo" surname, with this spelling, uniqely originates from the island of Mauritius.
Sandeep's great grandfather was an indentured labourer to Mauritius under the British Empire.
Indentured servitude, described as "A New System of Slavery" (reference: Tinker, Hugh (1974)), was used to replace slavery in the 19th cetury.
Originating from the Indian indenture system, Sandeep's ancestor most likely arrived in Mauritius as an illiterate labourer looking for a better life.
The spelling of the surname would have been decided by a British "Emigration Agent".
"Bapu" means "father"; "a respected older man" or "father-figure" (reference:Collins Dictionary).
There would have been no choice or input in the spelling of the name under the British Empire, resulting in a surname ending with "poo".
Although he has lived in Scotland for most of his life, Sandeep unfortunately still experiences racism, often associated with the spelling of his name.
He is however proud of his unique name and even prouder his wife chose (against his advice) to use his surname when they were married.
At the time of writing there were only a small number of people in the UK with the Bappoo surname.

Sandeep Bappoo Professional