Sandeep Bappoo - Professional

Teacher of Physics and Science.
Banff Academy, 2011-Present.

Head of Science Faculty
Banff Academy, 2020 - Present. (Previously 2017-2018 (1 FTE) and 2018-2020 (0.4 FTE)

CfE Science, National 4/5 Physics, Higher Physics, Advanced Higher Physics
N5 Engineering Science, Higher Engineering Science, N4 Practical Electronics

BEng (Hons) - Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Dundee (2004-2008)
MSc (Distinction) - Electronic Circuit Design and Manufacture, University of Dundee (2008-2009)
MSc - Information Technology and International Business, University of Dundee (2009-2010)
PGDE - Physics with Science, University of Aberdeen (2010-2011)

Sandeep Bappoo Professional